Our Vision Path



Vision Path

Vision Path

  • One Reckless Ambition:
  1. Sharing Jesus With Reckless compassion

Where We’re Going

  • Two Bold Declarations:
  1. We have been called together to seek out overlooked people and places offering the compassionate touch of Jesus and inviting people to go with us on our journey of discovery,restoration, and healing in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Within one year we will have families sharing Jesus with reckless compassion in over-looked places of our community.

Why We Do It

  • Three Common Motivations:
  1. Our communion with Jesus in Spirit and truth.
  2. Our community in Jesus with our church family.
  3. Our commission by Jesus to share the kingdom of God in word and action.

How We Do It

  • Four Life Connections:
  1. Ekklesia: gather together weekly.
  2. Group: share life with  a few other believers regularly
  3. Home: cultivate spiritual growth daily.
  4. World: serve others consistently.

How It Looks In My Life

  • Five Personal Confessions:
  1. I am sacrificing my comfort to serve people.
  2. I am uniting with my church family.
  3. I am growing in my relationship with God.
  4. I am encouraging others to follow Jesus.
  5. I am embracing the Holy Spirit in my life.